What is UltraShape Power?

It is the only FDA-cleared, non-invasive body shaping procedure that uses focused, pulsed ultrasound to destroy fat cells.  The ultrasound waves destroy fat permanently.  My example is this:  you've seen commercials where a certain high-pitched sound is played and crystal glasses shatter.  A different pitched sound would have no effect, but at the right frequency, the glasses shatter.  Scientists have found a certain pitch of ultrasound that does to fat what the high pitch sound does to crystal glasses.  And once it's gone, it does not come back.

Does this hurt?

Most people report a comfortable experience, no down time of soreness after treatments. 

What areas can be treated?

Areas we treat are:  stomach, side/flanks, inner thigh, legs in general, rear, back.  Treatments are customized to your needs. 

How many treatments do i need?

While there can be spot treatments and "tune ups", a series of 3 treatments 2 weeks apart is the standard protocol that yields results.  Once the fat is destroyed, it takes a period of days for the body to remove the fat via the lymphatic drainage system.  Which leads to a technique that is unique to our practice versus others:  we add Manual Lymphatic Drainage to our packages to speed up the lymphatic drainage system, which in most people becomes sluggish and could hinder the success of the UltraShape procedures. 

Are the results long lasting?

Yes and no.  Once the fat cells are destroyed they do not come back.  However, if you do not change your lifestyle and eating habits, you most likely will have other fat cells increase in size and then you will be back in the same place as where you started.  While we can treat you again, wouldn't you rather make some dietary changes that not only assist with you keeping the fat off, but also (and most importantly) improve and change your overall health? 

What is VelaShape?

UltraShape Power and VelaShape

Destroy Fat, Smooth Out Cellulite, Change Your Body Image

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